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Monica Job has mounted a vigorous write-in campaign for the clerk’s post in Armada Township. Boelke agrees and said there was no effort to cover anything up or hide anything. Job disagrees and once the recount was formally denied by the Macomb County Board of Canvassers on Aug. 26, she sent a letter to the Macomb County Election Department seeking an investigation into possible election fraud by the Armada Township clerk. Theres enough apathy and discouragement among American voters who do not feel their votes count, Job wrote in her letter to the county. Its imperative that this request be taken seriously and addressed with respect for the election process. On Sept. 19 Job received a response from the county in the form of a one-page letter from the office of Corporate Counsel, signed by Assistant Corporation Counsel Frank Kyria. The letter stated that her request had been discussed with the prosecutors office and it was suggested that if Job felt illegal activity occurred she could take it up with the Michigan State Police or Macomb County Sheriffs Office. The handling of ballot containers and seals is primarily regulated by manuals issued by the Secretary of State which courts have ruled do not have the effect of the law, Kyria wrote. While failing to follow the Secretary of States guidelines may result in the inability to conduct a recount as occurred in this instance, breaking a seal on a ballot container does not make the election fraudulent or illegal. The letter concluded by reminding Job she was given the opportunity to cite law at the recount to support her position but failed to do so. Im not an attorney and isnt that his job to know what the statues are and how they work, Job said in response to the letter.

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