Swift Tactics In Selection Interview

Rock Hall President and CEO Greg Harris, in earlier interviews about prior classes, noted that it’s sometimes a surprise even to industry experts and those who are supposed to know such things that so-and-so isn’t in the hall. Maybe that’s the case here. I’d like to think so. But I think it’s more likely what Baez said in an interview earlier this year when we discussed her omission for these many years: “I was on the outside of the drug culture, and I was on the outside of rock ‘n’ roll,” she said. “I belong in there,” she said. “I get that. But I confuse people. The activism confuses them. The vocal style confuses them. I’m an enigma to a lot of people.” My thought is that it’s more likely that the politics behind the process by which artists are inducted was the bigger factor. http://aubreyramosart.denaliinstitute.org/2016/12/30/further-guidelines-for-vital-issues-of-curriculum-vitae/Put simply, if certain people don’t like you, you’re not going to get nominated, much less inducted.

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selection interview

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